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Welcome to the Pod'ems UP! Podcast, coming at you from The One Shot Studios. Regular hosts Fred and Blotto with techy producer type, Knobs, discuss Politics and Culture all the while enjoying and reviewing the finest craft beers that our home state of Michigan has to offer. Unpolished but honest is the best way to describe our style. Occasionally we up our game and invite our friends to join us. They may be here for the Political or the Cultural topic, or both, but always for the beer! Please give a listen and stay on board. Pod’ems UP!

Who am I? Now, that’s a fine question. Not sure if I have the answers, but I’ll give it a go. To begin with, I consider myself an honest person with a high bar of integrity. I love to spend time with my family & friends, of which I am blessed to have high quality examples of both! Laughing is the best, crying…not so much. Music is a huge part of my life & my being; I always have a song in my heart, or at least one stuck in my head. Sarcasm is my art medium of choice. As far as politics go, I want what’s best for everyone, not just the privileged few. I want to be told the truth, and I want the politicians to uphold the oath they took to protect and follow the laws set forth in the Constitution. You break the law; you pay the price. You fail your constituents; you get voted out of office. I don’t give two-shits about the party affiliation – this applies to them all. I love IPA craft beer – deal with it.
Biggest personal issue – I like a lot more than I dislike. Always up for a laugh and an alcoholic beverage of just about every type. Not many sacred cows, including myself, when it comes to poking fun. Lack of seriousness will get me in trouble too often. I think most people want me at their parties --- maybe not. Raised during the peak, and subsequent slide of America’s suburban blue-collar culture from the 60’s-80’s, I have taken sharp notice of the decline of the middle class. Being a part of corporate culture most of my professional life I think I understand the importance of private capitalism but want to see that meshed fairly with the needs of society. The Golden Rule rules.
The man behind the curtain trying to keep everything on track. Having grown up in a rural blue collar home I lean towards the democratic party, however, more towards the middle than some. I strongly support renewable and clean energy sources and protecting the environment. Visit any National Park and you will understand why. When not arbitrarily turning knobs I like to spend my time with friends and family. During the summer you can probably find me either camping or kayaking. Usually with a beer in hand. You can also find me at www.questlogcast.com which is a podcast where myself and some others discuss video games old and new.

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